Denpasar Festival 2015

Denpasar City Government will hold Denpasar Festival (Denfest) 8th, starting on Monday (28/15/2015) until New Year's Eve in the whole region Catur Muka, Denpasar, Bali.
The difference, at this time will be dedicated Denfest Balawan appearance, musicians and well-known jazz guitarist with a style of its Touch Tapping Style on the second day.
"There will be Denpasar Jazz Festival. So we want to turn this Jazz in Bali, especially in the city of Denpasar. We work with Balawan which will also fill the event and the appearance of other artists," said Secretary of the Chairman of the Committee Denfest, Made Saryawan.
Denpasar Jazz Festival, according Saryawan, held as given in Bali, especially in Denpasar euphoria and implementation of the dramas of jazz is still likely to be implemented by people outside of Bali.