Kedungu Beach Bali

This beach is located in Banjar Kedungu, Belalang village, district of Kediri, Tabanan, Bali.
Also located immediately adjacent to the attractions of Tanah Lot. The sound waves are already starting to sound when entering the beach area which has a black-colored sand. Arriving at the beach, looked scrolls waves crashing rocks. Grains of water seemed to flow on the sidelines of coral that looks pretty exposed to the reflection of sunlight. Has good waves, beach Kedungu the target of tourists, especially foreign tourists to action with his surfboard. Not surprisingly, many foreign tourists who come, especially in the morning and afternoon to surf up to the middle of the sea.
The waves here are nice, so many foreigners come to surf here. More crowded again that morning. According to the man who has been selling more than 20 years on this beach, beach Kedungu become one of the favorite beach in Tabanan most visited by tourists, both domestic and abroad. In addition to being a favorite area of ​​the surfer, the atmosphere is quiet and the beach area is roomy, so many activities that can be carried visitors the main attraction.

"If Tanah Lot is full visitor, here the visitor too crowded, spacious place. People can sunbathe to play ball here, " according to local resident. Not only that, according to other local residents, if it comes up in the morning, it would seem the fishermen perform daily activities. Starting from catching fish to lobster, routine activities of the fishermen in the village. By using the nets, they caught seafood here. Aside from being a place of recreation, Kedungu beach also often used to worship by the local community.

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