Virgin Beach Bali

Expanse of blue sea flanked by two hills, that panorama presented by the White Sand Beach or now Virgin Beach familiarly called. Being among the Indigenous Village Bugbug and Perasi, Karangasem, Bali, this beach is one of the three beaches along the area. Candidasa Beach and offers panoramic sea Bugbug beach with black sand, while Virgin Beach presents other charms with warm white sand that often buffeted by waves rolls. Virgin Beach was given the nickname, which means virgin beaches, because the atmosphere is still naturally unspoiled investors as in other tourist spots in Bali.

Although there supporting tourism, only a few simple stalls managed by individuals from residents of each village. Not only from the lack of hotels or resorts, but natural shades can also be seen from the absence of electricity use in this white sand beach. Being on the east side of Mount Hone, Virgin Beach can be seen directly on the top of this hill. Roads that can be taken as the access of this hill, about 500 meters at a T-junction with a marker signpost toward Sharpen or Virgin Beach Hill. Access roads this one is quite small and narrow, so if you bring the vehicle or using Bali safe driver services, can only be reached by using a motorcycle.
There is also another access road from the village Perasi, one right after the village Bugbug village.
Although still minimal touch of luxury tourism typical of other tourist destinations in Bali, but this actually makes a positive impact. Visitors who come to feel comfortable with the atmosphere quiet and away from the uproar too modern tourism today.

Some water activity in order to attract tourists has encouraged some local people who opened the business in Virgin Beach. Ranging from snorkeling, body board, to sailing, which is offered here at the tourists, both local and foreign. Reefs and ornamental fish are others in this coastal region, which is a mainstay in the White Sand Beach. According to him, the potential for such underwater coral reefs in the Virgin Beach Bali is not lost to other areas, such as Amed and Blue Lagoon. Demand, especially foreign tourists seemed not miss the opportunity to feel the thrill of underwater panorama here.

As for sailing, using boats or traditional fishing boat, visitors will be taken to sail in coastal areas around the island to the Pope, the name for the whale-shaped atoll under Hill Sharpening. In addition to enjoying water activities, many visitors also swim or just indulge in the sand while sunbathing.
The waves are big enough, it becomes the target of visitors who swim here. The waves that move pushed people toward the beach became a sensation for them. This Bali beach area is opened from 08:00 pm until after dusk.

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