Two Festival in Bali in August Ready Held

In August, Bali will hold two cultural festival tour. One is Buleleng Festival 2015 on August 4 to 8, 2015. The festival is held at the monument Ambara Lion King, Singaraja. In this festival, as many as 21 wipe (group) gong of the nine districts in Buleleng participate enliven. 

Buleleng Festival 2015 in addition to using the area around the statue of the Lion also utilize Sasana Budaya and Puri Kanginan, to show some additional events. Buleleng 2015 Festival theme is "Gurnitaning Denbukit", which means thundering music in Buleleng. Later, in one of the biggest festivals in Buleleng will explore more musical arts grow and develop in Buleleng, both traditional music and modern music.

Meanwhile, the event "Sanur Village Festival" 2015 is the 10th will be held on August 26 to 30 in Maisonette Area, Segara Beach, Sanur Bali with the theme "decade". The event will be held in a variety of activities, such as environmental programs, culinary festivals, art and photography exhibitions, sports activities, as well as arts and cultural dialogue. To visit this event you can using Bali car charter and rental service. As quoted from Antara, some environmental programs will be implemented, among others clean up the beach, release hatchlings, and planting of coral reefs involving school pupils, tourism stakeholders and local NGOs.

In addition, for sports activities, on August 23 will be held the event run SanurRun with three categories, namely running 10 kilometers and five kilometers open to the public, run route as far as 400 meters for children aged 5-6 years, and ran one kilometer for children age 7-9 years. While Sanur Open Golf Tournament will be held over two days on August 29 to 30 in Bali Beach Golf Course. For festival and exhibition activities include Sanur Creative Expo, Expo Agro, music performances and the Arts, Culture Parade and Bazaar Ornamental Plants.

Sanur Creative Expo will showcase the craft industry treats tourism support as well as a creative gathering event, appointment of commerce, and business contacts. In addition, the photography competition will be held in two categories, namely students and the public. The exhibition will be held at the Bali Hyatt the week before to a week after the event Sanur Village Festival.

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