Accommodation in Bali

The behavior of foreign tourists who come to Bali began to change, especially in choosing the location of the inn which is about the 1980s they were vacationing here generally enjoys both the inn on the beach at Kuta, Sanur, Seminyak and Nusa Dua, Badung.

Currently, they have switched stay in villas which appeared in the rice fields secluded so it is not surprising that the elite accommodation appear in an agricultural area on the river bank area in the tourist area of ​​Payangan Ubud and Gianyar. Foreign tourists who come on holiday to the island like to stay at villa in Ubud because generally they want a quiet holiday atmosphere after getting busy on  various activities in their country.

Foreign tourists seeking tranquility in Bali now prefer to stay in a hotel or villa on the edge of the river (ravine) or on the slopes of the cliff, most of them in rural areas. Quite often they use a mountain bike riding in Ubud or walk along the nearby rural see Balinese life in the countryside.

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