Ubud became one of the best destinations in the world

Site traveling search, TripAdvisor issued the category of Best Destination of 2015 in March. From there official website of the Indonesian city in the list of 25 large. Precisely, Ubud, on the 15th position. Under Ubud, Cusco in Peru for the spot of Macchu Picchu. On the 17th position there is St. Petersburg in Russia and 18th there Bangkok in Thailand.

With the natural landscape and the hills green rice field with a cool atmosphere, Ubud became one of the places for tourists who want to enjoy the tranquility of the soul and the good of the surrounding atmosphere. No wonder so many inns and resorts that offer tours, wellness retreat and provides facilities for yoga in Ubud activities.

The atmosphere is quiet and beautiful scenery make the tourists can relax doing yoga and meditation. In addition to spiritual activities, it is also a favorite spot for mountain bike riding in Ubud. By cycling through the fields and homes of local residents, tourists can enjoy the scenery and atmosphere of rural life in Bali.

After cycling activities, tourists can refresh the body with massage offered by the inn and resort or in various spas contained in around Ubud Bali.
One more thing that is almost always visited by tourists is the Monkey Forest Park. Forest filled with monkeys attract the curiosity of tourists, especially those from overseas.

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