Mountain Bike Riding in Ubud Bali

This cycling tour packages are now more prevalent in Bali. Some travel agents provide package options cycling in some tourist sites in Bali such as Ubud, Jatiluwih, Lake Buyan and Kintamani. in addition to this tour as your holiday filler effective and healthy in Bali, cycling package provides its own challenges as well you can see directly the scenery and the natural charm of the beautiful Bali.

This activity enjoyed by both local and overseas. Some good venue villa or hotel also provides bicycle facilities for guests who stay so that they can feel healthy exercise and see the beautiful scenery around their stay and you will be know the culture of the people of Bali and customs, because you can immediately see and ask to the people around that encountered during this activity.

This activity is more fun if you do together, with friends, family, or your group. As in Villa Bayad in Ubud area which is providing 4 mountain bikes free to use for mountain bike riding in Ubud. If you need more than 4, additional bikes easily can be arranged. This activity usually begins morning along the rural areas of Ubud, here you will be able to look more closely at how the lifestyle of the community of Ubud with customs tradition is very strong.

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