Enjoy the beauty of the sea with kayaking

Sea kayaking is a very enjoyable holiday activity, because in addition to enjoying the beauty of the ocean, we are also challenged to control the kayak in order not reversed.
In general, the kayak is made of colored wood or plastic material, but currently there is also a transparent kayak is made of clear plastic with the same size as kayaking in general.

Some beaches in Indonesia is very suitable as a kayaking. As the Supervisory beaches in Bali, Keusik Long Beach Ujung Kulon village of Wells, Piayu Coast Marine Batam Riau islands, Gili Trawangan beach and of course in the islands of Raja Ampat in Papua.

The thing to remember of sports activities like this is a risk. Kayak Indonesia is one of the most challenging outdoor activities can be enjoyed by using safety equipment sufficient for example by the use of a life jacket and helmet. Not recommended kayaking during the rainy season due to storm-prone. On some beaches are advised to bring a personal kayak equipment because no rent kayaks in the region