Bali Kite Festival

Playing Kite or in terms Bali called Melayangan society stems from a very simple game, there has been a tradition Melayangan inherited from generation to generation by the people of Bali.
Bali Kite Festival was first performed in 1979 housed in Subak Tanjung bungkak Denpasar. After nearly a quarter century kite festival still received overwhelming response from the public. For this year the Bali Kite Festival will be held on 21 Juli 2013 until 24 Juli 2013.
Balinese kites outside the State was much admired addition to its distinctive shape, Bali kite is also known by the accompanying rituals. Until now, The Balinese recognize two types of kites are Traditional and new Creation.
If you're in Bali make sure you don't miss this festival. You can go there by using Bali car rental service. Bebean (fish-shaped), Janggan (bird-shaped), and Pecukan (leaf-shaped) are traditional kites flown during the festival by teams of ten or more adult kite fliers. The Bebean is the largest of these kites, and resembles a broad-mouth split-tail fish. The Janggan kite sports an impressive flowing cloth tail, often reaching one hundred meters or more in length. The Pecukan requires the most skill to fly, due to its relatively unstable form. The traditional colors of these impressive kites are red, white, and black.

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