Between Agriculture and Tourism

Rate of development of tourism in Bali so rapidly it makes farming more desperate and marginalized. Many fertile paddy land to be annexed to hotel, villa or building. For ten years (1987-1998) occurred depreciation 10,150 acres of land. Now the sector is the backbone of Balinese society is facing increasingly serious threats and challenges.
Types of farming in this paradise island include agricultural fields and plantations like strawberry farm at Bedugul or orange in Kintamani. In the farming system in Bali, "subak" very important role. Subak is the management of the distribution system of agricultural irrigation flow typical of Balinese society. This system has been known since hundreds of years ago and proved to increase the agricultural productivity of the people of Bali. Through the subak system, the farmers get water rations in accordance with decisions made in the residents meeting.
Philosophically, the existence of subak is an implementation of the concept of "Tri Hita Karana", which when interpreted are the three causes of happiness (God, man and nature). Tri Hita Karana is the concept of a harmonious relationship between man and God, man and nature, and between humans. So in other words, activities in the subak is not always on the farm, but also includes social interaction between residents and religious rituals for success in farming.
Subak along with Balinese culture and art was introduced to the world by a foreign researcher, who is also the author Miguel Covarrubias, Mexican-born painter and anthropologist.
Foreign nationals have settled in Bali and wrote a book titled "Island of Bali" in 1930. So should the field of agriculture and tourism in Bali is able to synergize for progress and prosperity of the people of Bali.

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